Water insensitive mattresses, all you have to know !

As a beach attendant or hotelier, you obviously know the constraints linked to the use of mattresses on the beach or poolside. Moisture and mold, tedious maintenance and cleaning, frequent renewal ... your mattresses cost you maintenance time and money!

At Mousses Etoiles, we are concerned to facilitate the daily life of our professional customers while improving the comfort of their own customers.

For this, our R&D teams are constantly thinking about practical solutions to solve the problems related to the installation of equipment and outdoor furniture. It was while talking to our customers that we had the idea to launch the creation of an outdoor mattress entirely insensitive to water .

Our professional made in France manufacturing workshop in Barebentane (13) has worked on the development of a mattress that combines comfort, durability and practicality with a canvas system insensitive to water.

No more fear of splashing and the difficult cleaning of sunbathing mattresses and deckchairs: discover our customizable water insensitive mattress and order yours right away!

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Why buy a water resistant mattress?

You are probably wondering how a water-insensitive mattress changes the daily life of professionals compared to a classic mattress. The problem with a standard mattress placed outside lies in its ability to adapt to climatic hazards and ambient humidity.

The classic mattress will absorb water like a sponge and will undergo each aqueous attack making it less comfortable, less beautiful and damaging it in the short term. The mattress, insensitive to water, does not fear humidity and will withstand outdoor conditions longer.

This is why many professional beachgoers or owners of hotels and guesthouses with swimming pools choose to buy water resistant mattresses.

Mattress insensitive to eau Mousses Etoiles poolside - Sale and delivery in France and internationally

5 advantages of choosing a water resistant mattress

Opting for completely water-resistant beach or pool mattresses will offer you many advantages:

  1. Easy and quick maintenance with a high pressure cleaner without removing the cover
  2. Record drying time of the foam / cover set
  3. No more need to have two sets of covers to make a bearing during cleaning
  4. No more wet mattresses : Your customers will no longer lie on soggy mattresses
  5. No stains or halos related to moisture trapped in the mattresses even after years of use

In a few words, buying a mattress with a foam and a canvas insensitive to water will save time on the maintenance of your outdoor fittings, savings in the long term, more comfort for your customers or even better product life!

Something to meet all the requirements of professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry.

How is the Mousses Etoiles water resistant mattress made?

A water-resistant mattress is distinguished from classic outdoor mattresses by its incredible insensitivity to ambient humidity, splashing or even bad weather. Foam and canvas must be completely water resistant to create a high quality waterproof mattress .

To design a revolutionary water-resistant outdoor mattress, our Mousses Etoiles manufacturing workshop located in France uses 2 key elements:

1. DryFeel ® Foam

To make this mattress absolutely insensitive to water, we use an open cell foam called DryFeel ® foam. The latter allows the mattress not to retain water inside no matter what.

Rain, humidity, accidental landing in the pool: the water-resistant mattress Foams Andoiles is not afraid.

The DryFeel® moisture-wicking foam ensures a dry mattress whether installed on a private beach or a hotel pool side.

DryFeel foam Water resistant mattress Foams Stars

2. A microperforated Batyline fabric

For the cover, we use a very specific type of fabric often made of PVC fibers . This micro-perforated fabric allows the fabric to dry very quickly when in contact with water.

Even in the event of rain or immersion, the canvas dries quickly without halos or stains.

Thanks to this special canvas, the mattress cover will not be soaked with water.

Batyline canvas is also UV treated to prevent fabric fading and provide a longer life for our products.

It is by associating the DryFeel ® foam with this micro-perforated Batyline canvas that your outdoor mattress becomes water resistant in all circumstances.

Even if the Mousses Etoiles water-resistant mattress can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure jet without removing the cover, we have nevertheless thought of making it easier to remove the covers of our watreproof outdoor mattresses with the installation of a

strong> high quality chunky mesh zipper positioned on two sides of the mattress.

Water resistant outdoor mattress

Mousses Etoiles water resistant mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years!

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How to equip your establishment with water resistant mattresses?

Having outdoor mattresses that are water resistant is good, but having custom-made mattresses that are water resistant is even better!

While the water-resistant effect is very important, you should not forget the aesthetics of your equipment. As with your parasols, mattresses must be tailor-made and personalized in order to clearly display the style and brand image of your beach establishment , your mountain spa or your luxury hotel.

Do not hesitate to add your personal touch to your mattresses thanks to the customization by screen printing or embroidery which will allow you to affix the initials or the name of your establishment or your logo. br>

To properly equip your establishment, you must therefore choose mattresses that perfectly suit your overall outdoor layout.

Furnish your pool side or private beach with Mousses Etoiles

To help professionals, Mousses Etoiles makes your custom mattresses in terms of size and thickness . If you have deckchairs, we make your mattresses in the size and shape of your deckchair model.

You can also order a complete private beach development project and pool-side for which we will create with you beds and mattresses specifically adapted to your outdoors as well as umbrellas and other cushions on request.

To adapt to the demand of the greatest number of professionals in the hotel and catering sector in France and abroad, we also create outdoor mattresses to be placed on the ground directly. One or two-seater outdoor mattress, mattresses that convert into armchairs: all these models are available in a water resistant version.

During your request for information, you can also take the opportunity to discover our sunbathing for one or two people or take advantage of our canopy beds doThe mattress thickness is 25 cm for optimal comfort.

Choose from many models and many colors !

Now that you know everything about water-resistant mattresses, don't hesitate any longer and choose from our tailor-made creations to elegantly coordinate your beach or poolside exterior. All our outdoor furniture, mattresses, ultra-wind-resistant professional parasols, cushions, sunbeds and outdoor beds are designed in our workshop in Barbentane in the south of France.

Take advantage of the craftsmanship of an internationally recognized professional made in France to equip your establishment.

Order your beach and pool water resistant mattresses now!

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