Which canvas to choose for professional outdoor equipment?

Do you want to order professional parasols for your private beach, your luxury villa or your hotel - restaurant? While browsing the internet, you have found various products but you do not necessarily have the guarantee of the quality of the items offered.

Worse still: you do not know which canvas is particularly suitable for you and you are afraid of suffering premature wear of your parasols, cushions, outdoor mattresses.

At the edge of a chlorinated swimming pool, on a private beach near the sea or the ocean, on a terrace in a garden or a courtyard, Mousses Etoiles guides you in the choice and the appropriate use of each canvas .

Which canvas for cushions, benches and outdoor mattresses?

The making of patio cushions, benches & outdoor mattresses is generally made of acrylic canvas.

This type of canvas has many qualities which justify its use on many restaurant terraces or even outside hotels and guest houses.

Acrylic canvas has many advantages:

  • Rot-proof canvas
  • Does not tarnish in the sun
  • UV resistant and will not fade
  • Machine washable easily

It is for all these reasons that the cafe terrace cushions , the mattresses for sunbathing , the seat cushions , the bench cushions are made in acrylic canvas 300 Gr / M².

Depending on the needs of each establishment, acrylic canvas can be personalized in order to stand out from the competition.

At Mousses Etoiles for example, we personalize the cushions , mattresses and other benches with the screen printing technique. (Baked Ink) for crisp, long-lasting personalization.

What canvas for a layout on a swimming pool deck?

In top-of-the-range hotels or even guest houses, poolside mattresses require a suitable and above all water-resistant canvas.

The micro-perforated Batyline canvas is therefore preferred for swimming pool edge arrangements .

This canvas is waterproof and at the same time benefits from excellent UV resistance. Easily washable, this fabric knows how to meet the needs of professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. The owners of poolside and private beaches require the use of micro-perforated batyline fabric to offer their customers the best comfort equipment at the water's edge. (Ferrari range)

Depending on the requests, it is also possible to make seats for benches, cakes and mattresses in UV-resistant imitation leather suitable for a pool edge.

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Which fabric to use for professional awnings and parasols?

Subject to wind and external aggressions, parasols must be made with a suitable ultra-resistant canvas.

To achieve high quality equipment, it is possible to opt for acrylic canvas or micro-perforated tarpaulin. These two canvas materials are ideal choices for your professional parasols and deckchairs. And for good reason: patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas or poolside umbrellas must resist the sun and the elements more than any other outdoor equipment.

Depending on the environment where you plan to use your parasols for example, you can adapt your choice of fabric:

  • The micro-perforated tarpaulin is not waterproof but offers the main advantage of allowing air to pass through its perforations. It rejects 94% of Ultra Violets.
  • The acrylic canvas is waterproof and creates an opaque coating for a very refreshing total shade ideal on a private beach or a pool edge very exposed to the sun.
You can therefore choose the coating that suits you best depending on the use (pool side, private beaches or dry outside).

Furthermore, the c oupe vent de beaches , beach separations, terrace dividers , can be made from acrylic canvas, micro-perforated tarpaulin or solid PVC tarpaulin.

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Pergola fabrics and shade sails: choose the micro-perforated cover

The canvases for pergolas or even the shade sails that can be found on certain restaurant terraces, for example, are preferably made in micro-perforated tarpaulin.

As said above, this canvas coating allows better rejection of U.V. and good ventilation projecting less heat.

However, this coating is not waterproof so it is important to use this material for the equipment of a dry terrace little exposed to humidity.

Whatever your need, do not remain in the dark: the experts in the manufacture of professional outdoor equipment Mousses Etoiles support you from A to Z in the realization of your complete development project.

Do you need create a restaurant terrace ? Want to redesign your private beach ? Are you looking for equipment to equip a high-end hotel or guesthouse pool side? Benefit from the best value for money and made in France quality for your products .

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