Laying out a private beach: how to stand out?

As the owner of a restaurant or beachfront hotel, having the opportunity to mine a sandbank is a great opportunity for your establishment.

The rental of umbrellas , mattresses and sun loungers is an activity that can prove to be very fruitful in addition to a good catering service by the sea. 'water. But you still have to offer your customers a private beach that makes you want to spend the day ... and consume!

The creation of a good private beach layout requires a purchase of outdoor furniture comfort and quality to welcome your customers and make them want to come and enjoy your services.

Specialist in the layout of private beaches in France and internationally, Mousses Etoiles gives you 4 tips for creating a top private beach .

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1) Define a concept for your beach establishment

As with any project, when you decide to create a private beach, you must have a concept .

All of this obviously depends on the location, attendance and type of target clientele.

The concept of your beach will determine the decoration of the indoor and outdoor space, the colors that will be chosen for your equipment, the type of material you will have to get ...

In short, the concept makes it possible to mark the identity of your establishment and to stand out from your competitors.

  • You want a more modern beach with a designer decoration
    No doubt opt for aluminum beds.

So that your customers can easily recognize you and can make the connection between your establishments, it is recommended to remain consistent in the style of the different places that you own.

Even if the beach can be more relaxed, keep the same atmosphere on the beach as on its restaurant terrace for example or stay in the same spirit that the image of its hotel is important to create a harmony of layout and decoration .

Mousses Etoiles fully equips your private beach

2) Choose quality, durable, and comfortable material

What makes a private beach successful in the first place is obviously the equipment that is there!

If on your restaurant terrace you are looking for the best patio furniture to make your customers feel good at the table, it must be the same for the private beach.

Comfort is also the first criterion of choice for a client who goes to a private beach during the summer. Between a narrow deckchair without a mattress and a large sun lounger with an thick private beach mattresses, the choice is made already visually!

And who says comfort also says quality of manufacture. To get started in creating a private beach that lasts and appeals to as many people as possible, quality must be present everywhere. On the beds, coffee tables, umbrellas, mattresses, cushions: nothing should be left to chance so that your customers enjoy the time spent on your end of the beach and come back several times during the season or even recommend you to their clients. friends.

Changing your parasols and mattresses regularly is not inevitable!

Private beach layout by manufacturer Mousses Etoiles - parasols - sun loungers - custom-made waterproof mattresses

Banking on the quality of your equipment's manufacturing also saves money. Buying quality and durable material over time will prevent you from having to make regular and expensive replacements.

Standard consumer or low-end equipment cannot be compared to made-to-measure products made in France. The quality of the equipment will necessarily be felt during your installation and you may have to replace faulty equipment very often.

A loose parasol that suffers a gust of wind or rain, a mattress that does not dry properly and becomes moldy, sunbeds and deckchairs that deteriorate quickly, canvas colors that fade, the list can be long ... So avoid all possible problems by focusing above all on the quality of the equipment for your beach!

We advise you to buy products guaranteed for several years which will remain in good condition for long seasons in order to avoid too frequent replacement.

Mousses Etoiles parasols and mattresses insensitive to water are guaranteed for 5 years!

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What equipment to buy to create a private beach?

There is no shortage of products for the development of private beaches.

However, the humid and hot environment of the beach requires a precise choice of fabrications that must be installed for its establishment. The goal: that the furniture and equipment last as long as possible.

Allowing easy maintenance without stains or lingering halos on the covers even after several years of professional use, water-resistant mattresses are the flagship equipment of a successful private beach.

In the same way as for seaside or oceanfront mattresses, umbrellas must undergo rigorous quality control upon purchase. Mousses Etoiles has, for example, developed a model of professional parasol that shows extreme resistance to the wind. Ideal for beachgoers looking for reliable and customizable equipment!

Sunbathing professional with very comfortable mattress

3) Stand out from your competitors beachgoers

That "little thing other people don't have" is what you need to set yourself apart from your direct competition.

As in all areas, differentiating yourself from your competitors by offering a unique offer is essential!

In a beach restaurant , this starts with an irreproachable catering service. If not, your customers won't give you freebies on online review sites or it is very easy to compare multiple establishments.

But that's not all: you also have to distinguish yourself with something unique. In addition to creating a lounge atmosphere and / or a designer layout that you cannot see elsewhere, consider broadening your horizon and offer services that your competitors have not thought of.

Think novelty, exclusivity, innovation!

Personalized beach bag creation Mousses Etoiles French manufacturer

  • Offer goodies with the logo of your establishment

Branding (or brand communication) is an essential axis of the success of a beach establishment such as a restaurant, a luxury hotel or a guesthouse. When creating your private beach, you can, for example, offer beach bags bearing the image of your establishment with a small kit (sample of cream, bottle of water, cap ...).

These little goodies will please your customers and make people talk of you when they show off your brand wherever they go.

  • Create a boutique space on your private beach

If space allows, you can also create a small beach shop to complement your main activity. This store will open a new activity that may appeal to your customers who will be able to find all the beach accessories they are looking for at home without going to buy them elsewhere.

  • Buy practical and secure furniture

It pays to invest in practical and innovative furniture for your customers. Say goodbye to things lying around on the coffee table on the terrace or on the deckchair: with the installation of a secure safe system, offer your customers the possibility of storing their personal effects while they bathe.

  • Create a "selfie" or photobooth zone

If this corresponds to your concept, also think about creating an area with a strong decorative piece where all your customers will take pictures to share on social networks! It's very trendy, and for you it's free advertising!

As you will have understood, the possibilities are endless so give free rein to your imagination to stand out from your fiercest competitors.

4) To renew each season!

Once you have a strong concept, quality material, that your customers are fans of your restaurant and your kitchen, you must now make them want to come back each season.

Indeed, even if they are completely satisfied one summer, the clientele of your beach may get bored and be tempted to go and see what is being done elsewhere to compare or see something else.

To avoid this phenomenon, think about renewing yourself and offering new services!

Make changes to your beach layout and furnishings to show you are growing. You can also create a VIP area for example, add canopy beds, or even offer an area lounge that will complete your layout.

In a nutshell: surprise your customers with new products every season.

But above all, do not fail to let it know! Changing things on your beach should be known to as many people as possible so that your customers are curious to come and discover the new products on offer.

Do not stop communicating even in the off season . Announce to your community on your social networks Facebook and Instagram that you are preparing for the opening, that you have new products, surprises ...

Tease and stay connected with your customers at all times to encourage them to come see you as soon as summer returns!

Canopy bed for private beaches, creation of Mousses Etoiles, French manufacturer

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