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It is the essential element of a comfortable and well equipped private beach: the parasol!

To provide refreshing shade for your guests and ensure you have a private beach that stands out from the competition, parasols are a must.

In order to choose the right sunshades for your private beach, several criteria must be taken into account: the aesthetics of the sunshades, the personalization, the resistance to U.V. light and wind.

As a specialist in the manufacture of professional parasols, Mousses Etoiles has everything you need to offer you made to measure and ultra-resistant parasols, even in the strongest winds.

Numerous premium hotels in France and abroad have already ordered umbrellas from us!

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Buy solid private beach umbrellas suitable for the seaside

Looking for umbrellas to equip your private beach? When you are a professional, it is difficult to find the right equipment and the right suppliers to buy your parasols.

In order to offer your customers an unforgettable experience by the sea or ocean and to ensure the best possible beach design, it is essential to choose top quality products.

As a supplier of private beaches and a French manufacturer of professional parasols, Mousses Etoiles puts its know-how and top-of-the-range products for your establishment at your service.

All our parasols are designed to last for many years in order to preserve the complete layout of your private beach for the long term.

Umbrellas for privatebeaches - Le Farniente - Saintes Maries de la Mer

Why choosing Mousses Etoiles private beach umbrellas?

As specialists, we have the duty to offer private beach umbrellas that meet the requirements of the hotels and restaurants who call on us.

In our French manufacturing workshop we design professional beach umbrellas with the highest level of care

Requirements of our beach umbrellas
Very high quality fabrics
Acrylic canvas and micro-perforated canvas
Optimum UV light filtration and protection
Reinforced sunshade frames
Sun umbrella bases and corner planting angles suitable for the beach
Materials of our beach umbrellas
Poles and screws of our beach umbrellas are made of stainless steel.
The ribs are reinforced and receive a powder-coated finish.
Our parasol canvas are UV light resistant and do not fade.

Our private beach umbrellas are guaranteed for 5 years!

The mixture of sand and salt associated with winds imposes the use of specific materials for the manufacture of beach equipment.

Mousses Etoiles pays attention to all the parameters to guarantee you s strong and aesthetic professional beach umbrellas.

Discover also our Safety Base umbrella box base option to keep your customers' personal belongings safe on the beach!

Design your beach layout

Customize your private beach umbrellas

Bet on quality and enjoy the exclusivity of the model for your professional parasols.

Parasol de plage privee - Mousses Etoiles - Fabricant parasol de plage sur-mesure

Because it is important to stand out from your competitors, Mousses Etoiles manufactures your private beach umbrellas to measure and personalized to the image of your establishment.

With our team, you can create your own parasol by choosing the color of the canvas, the color of the gallon surrounding the canvas and finally the color of the ribs.

Also add the name of your private beach and/or your logo on the canvas of your parasols!

Thanks to our 400 colours of parasol canvas, you will stand out and be recognized by the customers on the beach.

Several shapes of parasols are possible (square and round) and you can choose between different sizes of beach umbrellas to perfectly fit your available space on the sand.

Our beach umbrellas can also be matched with your sunbathing mattresses to give a real unique identity to your private beach.

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Bonus: your beach delimitations by Mousses Etoiles !

In addition to the beach umbrellas that are essential for the layout of your private beach, Mousses Etoiles offers you the opportunity to take advantage of beach delimitations.

The beach separations make it possible to delimit the littoral zone attributed to your resort.

These canvas dividers also serve as wind barriers for your customers and can be personalised by screen printing to add a text, a photo, a colour logo, sponsors, etc.

The Mousses Etoiles private beach delimitations can be made in different materials:

  • Private beach delimitation in acrylic canvas
  • Private beach delimitation in batyline

It's up to you to choose the private beach limit that suits you best!

Our French workshop also sells beach delimitation poles, parasol pickets and parasol bases.

Contact our teams in France and have your outdoor equipment delivered anywhere in the world.

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