How to integrate a lounge area on your restaurant terrace?

The layout of a restaurant terrace is not always easy to imagine ... especially when you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

A tip to get out of the ordinary: diversify the furniture !

In addition to classic catering furniture, you can, for example, add outdoor lounge furniture that will twist the atmosphere of your outdoor space and allow you to offer a friendly space to your customers during the aperitif, for example.

But how to integrate these new spaces into your current decoration without breaking the style of your restaurant terrace? How to find new outdoor furniture that will match perfectly with your current tables and chairs?

Mousses Etoiles supports you in the layout and makeover of your outdoor spaces.

Follow the guide!

Lounge furniture restaurant terrace - Mousses Etoiles - Manufacturer made In France

Why choose lounge furniture for your restaurant terrace?

Very trendy for a few years, outdoor lounge-type lounges bring a real plus to a bar, brasserie or restaurant terrace.

The cozy spirit of lounge furniture makes customers want to sit there comfortably and spend hours chatting with friends while sipping cocktails. More and more clients are paying special attention to these special accommodations before choosing the establishment where they will settle.

Beyond comfort, outdoor lounge terrace furniture is also a good idea to improve the style of your professional terrace and make it more modern.

No more old fashioned or broken outdoor lounges: by ordering new outdoor furniture, you can breathe new life into your restaurant terrace and attract new customers to your restaurant establishment.

Your terrace is the showcase of your establishment, so the decoration must be impeccable! Make the most attractive by adding decoration with, for example, personalized pillows made in France made to measure for you.

A terrace lounge space development project?

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How to choose your professional outdoor show?

If you are looking for patio furniture for the complete arrangement of your terrace , we advise you not to differentiate too much between lounge furniture and classic catering furniture.

The tables & chairs of your catering establishment must be in visual harmony with your lounge furniture and your future outdoor lounge.

For that, getting all your equipment from the same manufacturer is an advantageous solution.

Your supplier will then be able to offer you products with the same design so that your decoration is consistent.

For example, you can match the coffee tables with the dining tables, use the same color of the furniture structure or the same fabric for seat cushions for chairs and benches.

Whatever happens, it is important to choose furniture suitable for the space dedicated to the lounge that you want to create in order to optimize the space as much as possible.

Depending on your outdoor space, certain well-appointed lounge modules can save you seating space: take advantage of it!

Restaurant terrace lounge furniture - Mousses Etoiles - Manufacturer made In France

How to set up a lounge area on your restaurant terrace?

The first thing to do when you want to arrange a lounge is to determine an area dedicated to this new space.

To plan the future layout, start by removing the furniture already present and take the measurements of this area .

Once the space has been chosen, you can call on an outdoor layout specialist who can help you in the choice of models of benches, coffee tables, ottomans ... depending on the location, the atmosphere of your establishment, the existing furniture and the decor already on site.

For an optimal result, calling on a tailor-made manufacturer will allow you not to waste space by creating benches that will perfectly arrange the space by optimizing the square meters.

Depending on the place and your wishes, your manufacturer can create different small modules quite distinct from each other for 4/6 people ( solution appreciated in COVID-19 period) or create large VIP areas with 10 seats see more!

Also, your outdoor furniture manufacturer can offer you an adaptation depending on the use of your lounge furniture. For example, the height of the tables can be adjusted and will not be the same if the area will be dedicated solely to the consumption of drinks or if you wish to serve food there.

Discover realizations of lounge areas created entirely by Mousses Etoiles!

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