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Mousses Etoiles, specialist in outdoor fittings for professionals, offers a range of coffee tables and dining tables to complete your outdoor arrangements.

Are you looking for tables to furnish your restaurant terrace, your guest house exterior, your beach bar terrace or your hotel relaxation terrace? Order now your coffee tables and special outdoor dining tables.

Between two sunbathing or in the center of a lounge area, choose a French and tailor-made manufacture of your coffee tables. And to ensure total harmony in the design of your furniture, we also manufacture your restaurant dining tables!

To match your outdoor spaces as well as possible, take advantage of different formats and sizes of tables with the possibility of choosing the color of the structure from a wide choice of powder coating.

Our made in France manufacturing workshop offers many compact trays with different finishes or a powder coated aluminum tray in the color of your choice .

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The sizes and formats of the Mousses Etoiles outdoor tables

Not all establishments are alike and space constraints require precision in the dimensions of your coffee tables and dining tables.

Accustomed to working with hotel and catering professionals all over the world, Mousses Etoiles offers different sizes and formats for your table products.

Choose from various formats and sizes to have a table that will fit perfectly in the space you want to set up.

The round tables
Ø 60 cm
Ø 70 cm
Ø 80 cm
Ø 90 cm
Square tables
50 x 50 cm
60 x 60 cm
70 x 70 cm
80 x 80 cm
90 x 90 cm
Rectangular tables
100 x 60 cm
110 x 70 cm
120 x 80 cm
140 x 70 cm
140 x 80 cm
160 x 80 cm
160 x 90 cm

Manufacture of coffee tables and outdoor furniture shelves

It's not just on a terrace that professionals look for tables that are as practical as they are design!

On a private beach or around a hotel swimming pool too, your customers will appreciate having a table between two deckchairs to store their personal effects but also the glasses and plates that you can serve them.

It is important to choose a table model that will allow your customers to conveniently consume the snacks or drinks that you offer them.

It is to meet this special need that we manufacture tables adapted to the aesthetic and functional needs of professional establishment owners.

In addition, Mousses Etoiles also offers aluminum trays that can be matched to your tables and your outdoor-furniture. They are easily transported and can be placed on your sunbeds or four-poster beds so that your customers can enjoy their meals wherever they are outside.

Give your customers the comfort they expect from your establishment!

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Sale of custom-made tables for professionals

As usual, Mousses Etoiles makes it a point of honor to offer you unique products that reflect your image.

We know from experience how important your brand image is and how much your identity should show through your equipment. Our workshop therefore offers you a personalization service for all your outdoor furniture, especially your coffee tables and dining tables.

Coffee table made in France

When you order your coffee tables and dining tables you choose:

  • The format and size of your table model
  • The color of the aluminum structure among a wide choice of finishes by powder coating
  • The compact top that best matches the color of the structure and the rest of your outdoor furniture (or powder coated aluminum top if you prefer)
  • Personalization: for some models, we suggest you add your logo by a laser cutting process

Mousses Etoiles offers you a complete and unique outdoor arrangement

As French manufacturer of outdoor furniture and professional- parasols, Mousses Etoiles offers you to create together the arrangement of your dreams.

Whether you own a hotel, a private beach or a restaurant in France or abroad, we manufacture umbrellas, lounge areas with benches, tables, or even deckchairs and outdoor beds that you need for your development project.

The combination of materials, colors, fabrics and finishes on all the products will give a harmonious exterior layout and coherent for your establishment.

You can also benefit from an advantageous financing system for the creation of such a project and allow you to acquire quality and sustainable equipment.

Mousses Etoiles is committed to guaranteeing the exclusivity of the arrangements created for each client

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