How to choose your professional beach parasols ?

If you are a professional owner of a beach catering establishment, you know that it is important to buy various and varied equipment to best equip your private space.

The equipment available to customers on the beach is numerous and must satisfy their requirements for comfort and relaxation. Shelves, deckchairs, mattresses... nothing should be left to chance to ensure the comfort of your customers. And among all your private beach equipment, one element is even more essential than all the others on the beach, it is obviously the parasol.

Providing refreshing shade over your sunbaths, umbrellas are great equipment for guests.

In the middle of summer, the search for shade is great, so offering a cool spot for your customers is a real asset for your seaside or oceanfront establishment. Round or square, made of solid or micro perforated canvas, wood, stainless steel or aluminium, parasols are diversifying to meet a maximum of expectations.

A lot of choices are available to professionals to create a unique private beach layout where it is nice to lounge in summer. But then, what type of parasol should you choose for your beach? How can you be sure to make the right choice for your equipment?

Follow the guide, your professional beach umbrella manufacturer and beach layout expert Mousses Etoiles gives you 5 tips to help you find the perfect professional beach umbrella model!

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1. What format and size to choose for your beach umbrellas?

When you want to equip an entire private beach, you have to find the size of parasol that best suits the layout. This also applies to the size of the parasol, which can also play a vital role not only on the shade created but also on the aesthetics of your professional space.

On today's professional parasol market, it is possible to find round parasols, square parasols or even rectangular parasols.

Each shape (or format) is thought of according to a specific need and that is why the offer of parasols diversifies from year to year. On French private beaches, we notably see many small round parasols. These are often favoured by beach owners as they are light and easy to handle.

But are round parasols the only optimal solution for equipping a seaside?

If round parasols are still present, they are small to small competing with more modern parasols offering much more shade. A square umbrella model, for example, allows you to stand out from other beaches and at the same time offers more shading area for your customers and therefore better comfort.

Are you worried that this type of parasol will be complicated for your staff to handle? Rest assured: by opting for a professional parasol model adapted for beach use, it will be as light and easy to handle for your beachgoers as a classic round parasol!

When it comes to the size of your parasols, consider checking the width of your sunbeds and tablets to ensure that the model you choose from your supplier manufacturer can sufficiently shade a two-person spot.

2. How to choose a practical and functional beach umbrella

On a private beach everything must be easy to use to facilitate the work of the staff, not to waste time and to be efficient in all circumstances.

Private beach umbrellas should therefore be lightweight, easy to install but also easy to open and close. To ensure you have a convenient beach umbrella to use throughout the summer season, go for small sizes. The professional 180 x 180 cm umbrellas, for example, ensure optimal shade and easy handling.

Also check that stakes to be planted in the sand to stabilise your parasols will be supplied with your shading equipment.

It's also important to find out about the opening/closing system of your chosen parasols. Because parasols change as customers need shade and the sun throughout the day, the opening/closing should be simple, quick and designed to withstand hundreds of repetitions.

The opening/closing system of the chosen professional sunshade model should be reinforced and designed for daily professional use.

The best advice we can give you so far: ask your professional parasol supplier to see a parasol model and try it on your beach! You will see for yourself all the elements before placing a large order.

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3. What are the characteristics of a solid, quality parasol


The qualities of parasols are as numerous as the number of different parasol models that exist today. The quality of a durable professional parasol involves several key points to observe before concluding its purchase.

First of all, you need to look at sturdiness: will the parasol bend at the first gust of wind? Will the ribs bend with the gusts of wind? Will the canvas eventually tear?

All of these questions need to be insured in advance as your parasols will need to be strong enough to survive a seaside or oceanfront environment without the risk of breaking at the slightest climatic problem.

Fabric quality, whether or not the ribs are reinforced, the proven resistance of professional parasol models to strong winds: everything must be notified to ensure the optimal quality of your professional private beach parasols.

Request guarantees from your parasol manufacturer with proof on all these elements!

Second point: then ask about the materials used to make the umbrella frame.

Wood is, for example, to be avoided if you want to avoid frequent breakage of your beach umbrellas. Instead, opt for structures made of aluminium and stainless steel to benefit from optimal strength.

Also make sure that the parts and screws are made of seaside-friendly materials capable of resisting corrosion (such as stainless steel) or have undergone special treatments to prevent oxidation and salt corrosion.

If the model you have chosen includes all these technical features, then you have made the choice of a durable parasol!

4. What are the essential services of a professional private beach umbrella purchase?

You think you've chosen a good model of beach umbrella for your beach, but there are still some doubts. What if a whale breaks? What if a canvas rips anyway? You have every right to wonder what guarantees you have with your suppliers.

When you purchase private beach umbrellas, it is important to ask about the ancillary services that surround your umbrella order. Among the services offered by the manufacturers, some can comfort you in your choice:

  • The parasol warranty

    The longer the equipment warranty period, the more peace of mind you will have. You are assured that during this period you will not have to change your beach umbrellas and reinvest money in new equipment.
  • Manufacturing workshop after-sales service

    Be sure that your outdoor equipment manufacturer offers an after-sales service and can respond quickly if you ever encounter a problem. It is worth choosing a manufacturer that has a strong after-sales service that can respond quickly to your questions and/or solve your problem.
  • The origin of beach equipment

    By favouring a local or at least national company, you are sure to have an available contact and a service close to you if you need an intervention. Favour a recognised and reliable company to benefit from the best service on your private beach facilities.

Buy parasols made in France with a 5-year guarantee!

5. What are the possible options for its professional parasols?

Once you've found the perfect parasol model for your beach, it's time to look at other things like personalisation!

Customising your private beach umbrellas is an option that is very important for making your mark on your space and getting your establishment recognised amongst all the others. The customization options allow you to stand out from your competitors and have umbrellas that are completely different from the others that are seen everywhere on beach-restaurants and other summery establishments.

This additional option offered by some manufacturers such as Mousses Etoiles also allows you to display your brand image and be easily identified by your customers.

Choice of fabric colour, choice of frame colour, whether or not to add mantling, adding the name of your establishment and/or your logo, customisation can take many forms depending on your expectations and desires.

The objective of this option is to create exceptional parasols that will not only be durable but also unique.

Opt for professional custom umbrellas to attract more customers to your beach!

Now that you know everything about professional beach umbrellas, take the plunge and ask for a quote, mentioning the size you want and the quantity!

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