Which parasol to choose for your restaurant's terrace ?

Arranging your restaurant terrace can be complicated, especially when you have to choose your professional equipment.

To ensure the comfort of shading your customers, it is important to choose good outdoor equipment. Choosing a parasol model can therefore take a lot of time and thought. Parasol on base or fixed to the ground, with offset pole or central pole, with a solid canvas or micro-perforated canvas ... many possibilities are available to you to find the most suitable parasols for your patio.

When you own a restaurant, a hotel or a private beach, it is essential to choose parasols capable of effectively shading your exterior and capable of remaining stable whatever the weather conditions, particularly in the event of strong wind. It is also necessary to find professional parasols not only aesthetic but also durable so as not to have to change them every year.

Mousses Etoiles gives you some tips to help you in your choice and find THE parasol you need!

1. How to find a windproof parasol?

One of the main causes of parasol breakage is wind.

In some parts of the world, the gusts can be fierce, so make sure your parasol is sturdy and won't fly off in the first blast. If the wind is a problem for many establishments, it is not irreversible! Not all parasol models fly away or bend in the slightest squall.

To find out if the parasol you have chosen will hold up on your restaurant terrace exposed to the wind, here are some technical details to consider.

4 tips for choosing a durable parasol

  • Check with your umbrella manufacturer or supplier that the ribs are reinforced
    Otherwise you may be wasting your time trying to repair them or changing your umbrellas after every windy episode.
  • The hub, a central part which slides along the mast when opening / closing, must also be a solid part
    This part is very important for the resistance of the parasol and it is necessary therefore ensure its reliability.
  • The base of your parasol must be adapted to your parasol in size and weight
    The base also plays a decisive role in terms of wind resistance. Its size and weight must be adapted to the size of the parasol obviously
  • For places that are the most exposed to the wind, consider adding a ballast to your bases
    If your parasol base is not heavy enough, adding a ballast may improve the wind resistance and stability of your shading equipment.

2. The pitfalls to avoid when choosing the right professional parasol

Certain types of parasols may seem like the perfect solution to shade your restaurant patio. But beware, if some parasols seem aesthetic and practical at first glance, it is advisable to check their reliability and their lifespan over time.

First example: wooden parasols.

If this type of parasol brings a little exotic touch and perhaps matches the decoration of your establishment, these outdoor equipment may deteriorate quickly. They require more maintenance to maintain their original appearance and are much more fragile . Frequent breakage at the ribs, breakage at the level of the poles, the wood can suffer many problems and force you to change your parasol regularly which will generate a certain cost.

Choose structures made of aluminum or stainless steel that are more solid and reliable over time.

Second example: reclining parasols or sunshadesarasols with offset masts.

Indeed, they look practical: these parasols allow the canvas to be tilted according to the position of the sun and to save space on the terrace thanks to the eccentric pole. But once again, this type of equipment is not necessarily a sustainable solution . In the event of strong exposure to the wind, the deported parasol will be subjected to the gusts without any resistance, regardless of the quality of the materials used or the weight of the base.

We therefore recommend that you choose a parasol with a central pole.

You will understand, you have to adjust all the parameters to find the resistant parasol you need. Leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the durable equipment you are looking for for your business.

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3. Is your establishment located by the sea? Watch out for the corrosion of your parasols!

If your restaurant or hotel is on the seafront then you have to face an additional constraint: corrosion.

You have noticed that with a large part of your equipment, everything deteriorates in the marine environment. For your parasol, it is therefore essential to favor materials known to withstand humidity and sea spray . Make sure that the main parts of the frame such as the mast, ribs, the base and even the screws are made of stainless steel or receive a special treatment for the seaside .

This will prevent you from changing your parasols too often and will save you money in the long run.

Also remember to opt for mattresses and water insensitive cushions to equip a seaside and / or a swimming pool edge

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By choosing a parasol designed to resist rust and corrosion, you are choosing peace of mind for durable and reliable equipment.

Whether you are a restaurant owner but also a luxury hotel manager, owner of a guest house or even owner of a private beach in France or around the world, Mousses Etoiles professional parasols are the equipment you need.

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4. If you have technical constraints, create your custom-made parasols

We grant you, it is not easy to find a parasol model on the market that combines all the characteristics listed so far.

So why not have your parasol made to measure?

You just have to tell your parasol manufacturer all the reasons for a standard parasol does not match your restaurant terrace.

You are by the sea; the height of the poles must be suitable because there are trees on your terrace or you are extremely exposed to the wind and you need a solution of ultra-resistant parasols, describe your constraints and trust the expertise of a professional manufacturer.

Conception fabrication de professional parasols - Mousses Etoiles

A professional worthy of the name will find a solution to your problem and create THE model of professional parasol you need !

As a bonus you can benefit from the personalization and creation of a unique model for your establishment. What sets you apart from your competitors with class and offer the best shading equipment to your customers.

Choosing good professional umbrellas for a patio, poolside or private beach is not easy. To help you choose the best outdoor equipment for your establishment, call on a recognized specialist.

Mousses Etoiles has been designing outdoor equipment and furniture for nearly 30 years in its workshop in Barbentane. We provide luxury establishments in France in Monaco or Saint Tropez but also high-end establishments in the world in Dubai, on Reunion Island, in Saint Martin or in Miami.

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