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Need to arrange your restaurant terrace? Your luxury hotel swimming pool? Your private beach with custom sunbathing? You are in the right place !

Mousses Etoiles is a company specialized for several years in the development of terraces, private beaches and poolsides for professionals in the hotel / restaurant industry.

To meet the demands and requirements of our customers, we manufacture our own ranges of 100% tailor-made outdoor equipment and furniture.

Discover our catalog without delay and choose your ideal layout: professional parasols, sun loungers, canopy outdoor beds, custom-made mattresses and cushions, lounge benches and coffee tables ... Mousses Etoiles designs your project from A to Z .

A historic and family business in the manufacture of outdoor furniture

It was in 1992 in a workshop in Barbentane (13) that everything started for Mousses Etoiles.

Launched on the initiative of a creative entrepreneur, the company has given itself a simple mission: to help hotel professionals, restaurateurs, owners of guest houses and private beaches to design their exterior landscaping project from A to Z.

Personalized and resistant umbrellas, quality sunbathing, comfort mattresses or even personalized bench cushions, the catalog was filled with orders and needs issued by professionals.

Since then, the company has continued to evolve in a family spirit
transmission of manufacturing know-how artisanal

Generations follow one another and the objective of producing high-quality products remains intact. Better yet, the products in the Mousses Etoiles catalog evolve every day according to the requests made by professional customers in France and elsewhere!

With respect for artisanal manufacturing and handmade assembly work, Star Foam products have quickly become real references for professionals around the world.

Almost 30 years after the creation of the company Mousses Etoiles, our know-how is recognized in France and around the world .

Our manufacturing of parasols, sunbeds, mattresses, cushions and outdoor furniture is exported all around the globe: in Seychelles, Reunion, the Caribbean, the United Arab Emirates and Europe, Mousses Etoiles is everywhere for meet all the requirements of professionals and their customers.

Star Foams - Manufacturing mattresses, beds, professional parasols, sunbathing

The quality of Mousses Etoiles for high-end outdoor furniture

If evolution is the key to the success of the company, certain things do not change such as the taste for quality that we continue to develop with each production.

The three essential key values of our products are clear:

  • Made-to-measure products
  • 100% Made in France products
  • Handcrafted creations made in the art of handmade

Providing very high-end outdoor furniture equipment of impeccable quality to professionals, this is our unchanging ambition!

To succeed in producing quality products of a higher standard, we proceed in stages:

1. Study of the tailor-made outdoor development project

Any project begins with the work of our sales team, which carries out a personalized study of your project and then offers you products adapted to your situation and your establishment.

2. The artisanal making of the products ordered

And then it's the tailoring / production team that puts its know-how at your disposal to make your professional parasols, your outdoor mattress , your patio cushions , etc ... and in your colors of course.

3. Care given to the details and finishes of the manufacturing

Thanks to the thoroughness and perfectionism of its tailoring teams, Mousses Etoiles is therefore able to offer you very high-end products with impeccable finishes.

Our furniture manufacturing is guaranteed for 5 years

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Their lifespan is much longer than that of similar outdoor products available on the market, so choose the quality for your hotel establishment - restauration and / or your private beach!

Our commitment: total respect for the environment and your budget

Mousses Etoiles exports to the world but remains committed to the planet.

It is important for us to limit our impact on the environment, and for this we are putting in place some actions to reduce our ecological impact.

Our respect for the environment goes through several simple actions such as:

  • Reduce all waste including plastics
  • Reduce the packaging of our products as much as possible
  • Choose French, local and recyclable raw materials to reduce our carbon footprint

By buying Mousses Etoiles equipment for your professional establishment, you are also doing an act for the environment since you are not buying "consumables" but sustainable .

Do you want to change the color of your parasols? Do your outdoor sunbathing mattresses need to be changed? Good news: you no longer have to renew your mattresses or parasols as often as before.

Star Foam recycles your old products!

Beach bag recycling canvas umbrellas - Star Foam

Take the example of a client who has Star Foam parasols for a few years on his poolside or its private beach. Today he wants to change the color.

After a contact on his part, we collect his parasols then we make new fabrics . We can reuse old canvases to make personalized beach bags for example!

Everything is done to reduce your waste and expenses ! We reuse most of the composition materials in our products to make brand new, brand new products.

Zero waste and savings for our client, a win-win operation for all.

The Mousses Etoiles requirement at the service of hotel and catering professionals worldwide!

Since its creation, Mousses Etoiles has been in contact with professionals from the hotel and restaurant sectors.

Many professionals trust us every day and many of our customers remain loyal to us!

Our products have gone around the world to equip establishments and become essential products for high-end outdoor furniture .

We count achievements for exceptional establishments around the globe.

Private beach, upscale restaurant by the sea, cafes, brasseries, guest house, star mountain chalet hotel, luxury hotel, we take care of the complete furnishing of your establishment.

The products in our catalog are exported around the world:

  • In the French islands
    Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Corsica, French Polynesia ...

  • In the United Arab Emirates
    Dubai, Abu Dhabi ...

  • In North Africa & South Africa
    Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Cape Town ...
  • In the Caribbean
    Cuba, Havana, Punta Cana ...

  • In Europe
    Italy, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Germany ...

And of course our products are sent everywhere in France !

  • In the USA
    Miami, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, New York ...

  • In South America
    Beaches of Brazil, Cuba, Argentina ...

  • In the Seychelles archipelago
    La Digue, Mahé, Preslin, Sainte-Anne, Denis Island ...

Each of the professionals who call on us is unique and deserves the exception for these exterior fittings. Our team from Barbentane in the South of France strives to meet all the requirements of professionals.

Your customers deserve the best, Mousses Etoiles offers it to you!

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