Professionnal terrace: 6 key points for a successful layout

You have a project to open restaurant or brasserie where you want to revamp your professional terrace?

If yes, you are necessarily looking for ideas for create a terrace just like your establishment .

The outdoor terrace of your restaurant, brasserie, hotel or even luxury guest house requires special care to make your customers feel comfortable. This place is an essential strong point of your business on which you must capitalize to make your establishment even more exceptional.

But how do you set up a professional terrace? Where do I start to create an outdoor layout ? Mousses Etoiles gives you 6 pro tips to successfully arrange your custom-made terrace.

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1. Coordinate your terrace in the image of your establishment

Inside and out, we stay in the theme!

It is important to always remain consistent in the message that we deliver to the customer through the image of his establishment.

When creation of your professional establishment or of a establishment renovation you have necessarily set up a concept, created an image that corresponds to the services you offer, that represents you and sets you apart from your competitors.

This guideline is essential so that your customers recognize you and feel good at home.

To arrange your terrace, you must therefore remain logical with regard to your concept and create a space in your image.

We don't do the same as everyone else: if your concept can be used elsewhere, your brand image is unique and you must cultivate it from the outside.

  • If we receive a lot of groups of friends who come for a drink, we add lounge lounges.

  • If we are used to hosting families who gather for a meal, we set up large tables

  • If you have a chic and romantic restaurant perfect for a romantic evening, there are some intimate corners where your customers will not be on top of each other…

Layout of custom-made outdoor terrace with star foam

There is a solution for every patio layout, so think about what your customers want and stick to your guideline for a successful patio.

2. Bet on the consistency of the colors of your equipment

Still in the same idea of consistency with the image of your establishment, your terrace should be in your colors.

You have chosen a logo and a special atmosphere to make your establishment unique and recognizable. It is essential to keep your color codes and styles to create a harmonious layout.

Do you want a neutral terrace with touches of bright colors?

Choose neutral colors for the most much of the outdoor furniture (tables, benches, chairs ...) and add pops of color to your decor.

Take the colors of your logo, your sign or the interior on the cushions, the candles on the tables, the flowerpots ... and create a unique establishment.

We harmonize colors to please the eyes of your customers and match your image!

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3. Personalize your terrace with your name & logo

What could be better than of create a unique restaurant terrace that we won't see anywhere elsewhere ?

You are not like your competitor and you can show it to your customers from your outdoor space. There are many options available to you for your own outdoor furniture and decoration.

Customized terrace customization - layout - Star Moss

If we often find the same equipment in many establishments in France and elsewhere, it is possible to make a unique terrace that will hit the mark with customers.

Thanks to the intervention of a manufacturer specializing in the making of custom outdoor furniture , enjoy a layout that looks like you 100% .

Easily create furniture specially adapted to your terrace and your use, but also to your taste.

Affix your logo on your material: by engraving on your furniture , via digital printing or even by embroidery on pretty cushions for a very high-end look, you can customize your terrace as you see fit.

This will do sensation with your customers and you will not go unnoticed wherever you are!

4. Create a high-end and cozy outdoor lounge space

In general, a terrace is furnished with chairs and tables, nothing more. It's a shame when you know the potential charm that terraces with customers.

So why not be original and offer a service of more to your customers? The creation of a relaxation area with a few outdoor lounges can make a difference.

To welcome your customers in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, stand out by installing an area dedicated to idleness. Beautiful benches with soft mattresses , comfort cushions and other seat cushions will delight your customers and make them addicted to your establishment.

Without hesitation create a cozy space perfect for drinking a cocktail on sunny days days !

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5. Carefully decorate the terrace of your restaurant, hotel ...

Customize your to be unique is also to decorate it.

To operate the exterior decoration of your establishment , you are spoiled for choice: plants and shrubs in designer pots, lighting, candles, cushions and pillows for special outdoor decoration, sculptures and statuettes, fountains, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor rugs ...

Let your imagination run wild

The main thing is to create a pleasant space for your customers to feel comfortable during their visit.

Even better: think of practical decoration ! Some very useful and essential objects on a terrace can prove to be real decorative objects if they are well chosen such as professional parasols or even the cushions of chairs.

Colors, logo, slogan, you can customize your patio equipment by calling on a manufacturing specialist made in France.

Terrace creation - Custom design - Moss stars

6. Choose the quality to create a professional terrace

Whether for decoration or furniture, it is important to pay attention to get quality material .

First for reasons evidence of durability, comfort and budget.

You don't want to reinvest in a new batch of outdoor equipment each year and dig your business envelope without ever seeing the end of it ... For that, only one solution: the quality of the outdoor equipment.

Invest in qualitative material will save you money in the long run in terms of repair / renewal.

Thanks to high-end equipment carefully manufactured and guaranteed, you benefit from a professional and sustainable terrace design.

Professional terrace fittings - Star foam

Another reason to choose quality for your terrace: aesthetics!

The visual rendering of your establishment exterior (restaurant, hotel, guest house ...) will be much better with well-made decorative objects and quality finishes rather than with cheap equipment.

You must reassure your customers about your professionalism and this imperatively involves the quality of your equipment, so bet on the quality for your terrace.

Is your patio development project light? Are you looking to buy tables, chairs and benches to create a complete outdoor terrace? Mousses Etoiles supports you in the full realization of your project.

Take inspiration from our many achievements around the world and contact the sales representative in your geographic area to request a quote and ask for planning advice.

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