How to save space on your beach? Choose convertible mattresses!

On a private beach or by a hotel pool, it's not always easy to maximise the space you have outside.

Between the sunbaths, the coffee tables, the legs ofumbrellas or even the catering furniture, floor space quickly becomes scarce. And therein lies the problem: customers don't like to be on top of each other, and especially not during this pandemic period!

To counter this, you must therefore find tricks to arrange your professional exterior in the best possible way and let your customers enjoy a comfortable exterior.

Are you looking for equipment that can make the most of your outdoor space and bring comfort to your private terrace or beach? What if you opted for a convertible mattress!

To help hotel/restaurant professionals and meet their expectations, Mousses Etoiles has developed a 2-in-1 product capable of saving space on all outdoor spaces. After studying the demands of professionals, we have therefore designed a comfortable floor mattress that converts into a lounge chair in just a few seconds to meet the expectations of owners of private beaches, restaurant/bar terraces or even hotels.

Outdoor convertible mattress - lounge chair - Foam Stars

No longer do you have to compromise between the comfort of a soft mattress and the setting up of a lounge dining area: with a convertible heater, you benefit from equipment that can be adapted according to your desires.

Discover this made-to-measure equipment without delay and order your convertible outdoor mattress heaters now.

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Why equip your beach with convertible heaters rather than sunbeds?

Sunbeds are very common beach equipment. And for good reason: their style and comfort are much appreciated by guests who want to relax by the water, on a private beach or at the side of a pool in their hotel.

Unfortunately, it's a fact that some establishments don't have the space to lay a succession of sunbathing areas that would allow all their guests to enjoy them. But then how to best arrange one's exterior without ruining comfort and without losing too much space?

To answer this constraint, the convertible mattress or outdoor heater presents itself as the best option!

More compact and more modular than classical transats, it must be said that the heater has many advantages for professionals looking for a tailor-made layout solution.

  • A real space saver on a private beach or poolside

Mattresses are essential items on a private beach or by a hotel / guest house pool. Your guests are looking for a comfortable space to relax by the water and it is important to give them something to sit on comfortably. Similarly, you may want to provide a lounge area for your guests where they can sip a drink and order some tapas in the early evening.

In this case, if you don't have the space to install additional benches, armchairs and tables, convertible heaters are ideal. Combining a comfort mattress reclining position with a lounge chair seating position, outdoor convertible mattresses allow you to maximise space and save space with a 2-in-1 outfit.

  • A gain in equipment storage space

Just as you save space when the convertible mattresses are installed, you also save space in storage!

Are you bringing in your gear for the winter? No more endless storage of sunbaths, mattresses, benches, cushions... Thanks to the heaters, you only need one item to store and shelter your entire furnishing.

As a true 2-in-1 item, convertible mattresses or heaters offer you storage space saving as well as easy storage to save time and allow you to free up key spaces in your facility.

Outdoor heater- Foam Stars

  • An original arrangement for your outdoor

  • .

Get started and come up with something new!

Differentiating yourself from other establishments and competing private beaches is essential to make customers want to discover you and see you as a distinct, quality entity. And it's a fact: your customers love change.

Who hasn't succumbed to an original layout on a terrace or beach. By furnishing your outdoor area with convertible sofas/mattresses, you are therefore banking on originality toattract new customers and fidelize your old customers in search of renewal.

To take it a step further, you can also personalise your beach equipment with your brand image to make it unique and offer a high-end space to your customers.

  • A financial gain for your beach/poolside design

As a professional owner of a private beach or hospitality establishment, you know how essential cost management is.

When choosing terrace, poolside or private beach fittings, you must therefore rely on quality equipment that is both durable and practical. In this case, by choosing convertible outdoor mattresses you are obviously making a smart saving.

Since you purchase one piece of equipment instead of two thanks to the modularity of the heater, you save on your entire outdoor layout.

Also, in the long run, you can also save money on maintenance or even on the life of your product as long as you choose it well among the available products.

Benefit from the guarantee and quality of a mattress made in France with Mousses Etoiles

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The Mousses Etoiles heater: a quality piece of equipment!

In relation with many beach operators, restaurant owners and hoteliers, we know that professionals need to equip themselves with durable and quality products.

To meet the demands of our customers, we have therefore created a model of convertible outdoor mattress capable of modulating according to the desires and the space to be fitted out while ensuring total manufacturing quality.

For each creation, we choose quality raw materials, including special fabrics dedicated to outdoor use. We create a majority of our products from fabrics of world-renowned brands such as Sunbrella, Dickson or Serge Ferrari.

For our outdoor heater-type mattresses, we therefore use a micro-ventilated Batyline canvas as well as an open cell Dryfeel foam for total insensitivity to water and humidity.

There's no need to remove the cover to maintain your mattress: use a pressure washer and let your mattresses dry in the sun!

Of course, the fabric used to make the cover of our outdoor convertible mattresses is UV treated to ensure that the colour will last over time.

Thanks to all these elements Mousses Etoiles ensures you an optimal quality of your mattresses so don't wait any longer to order your made-to-measure equipment now.

Outdoor convertible mattress - heater - Mousses Etoiles

Mousses Etoiles mattresses come with a 5 year warranty

Convertible heaters and sunbeds: a combination that works

Having products adapted to all your customers' desires is also possible!

In order to diversify your offer and be sure to have products adapted to each of your customers' desires, you can of course in addition to your sunbeds create a space with convertible heaters.

If you have the space necessary for a complete and diverse layout, it is interesting to combine several comfort products together by banking on the modularity of the heaters to design an outdoor lounge area whether on a private beach, by a swimming pool or on a brasserie / restaurant terrace.

This way, your customers will have more choice and you can also increase your seating capacity without losing space.

For a perfectly harmonious private beach or terrace layout, Mousses Etoiles makes your sunbathing mattresses to match your heaters, in a 100% water insensitive version and in the same fabric for a coordinated design effect.

Water Insensitive Outdoor Convertible Mattress UV - Heater - Star Foams

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