How to prepare and organize a professional exterior design project?

Want to revamp your terrace or your exterior? Want to find a new design and practical layout?

In the hotel sector and catering , it is difficult to find the right time and the right options to complete a renovation or renovation project renewal of equipment. The changes made must be quick and efficient so that your business is not impacted for too long and customers can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

So how do you prepare and organize your exterior layout project? Mousses Etoiles, your specialist manufacturer of professional equipment made in France , offers you 4 essential steps to help you organize the future improvement of your exteriors today.

1. Choose the right one period to redevelop its outdoor space

Most of the time, professionals choose to equip themselves just before the start of summer time.

This tight timing is not necessarily wise since it is necessary to endure the stress of the rush and above all to face all the disadvantages of last minute decision making.

Little time for choosing the supplier, little time for choosing the product, longer lead times with manufacturers who have a lot demand at this time, installation at the last moment or even after the establishment opens: so many constraints that can waste your time and thwart all your plans.

Planning the right period to review or design your landscaping is essential!

Outdoor landscaping - mousses Etoiles - Parasols - Beds - Made In France

A project? A question?

To make sure you have time to anticipate and organize your proposed arrangement outside at best, we advise you to enjoy the calm of the low season.

At that time of the year when your activity is lower, you have more time to think without rush to all the details of your project and realize the outdoor layout you want in every detail.

Do not wait until the last moment to design the layout of your restaurant terrace , your edge of hotel swimming pool or your private beach.

Anticipation is the key to a successful project that will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by your clients when you return to your activity in high season!

2. Define your project and the style of the layout to be created

Do you have a development project in mind to revamp or create a special atmosphere outside your establishment?

The first thing to in order to design a new tailor-made development project is to think about all the key points of such a change.

Which part of my establishment should I set up first?

Poolside, SPA, lounge and relaxation area, beach, restaurant terrace… choose the space or spaces to revamp and / or furnish.

What budget do I have for this outdoor development project?

Discover the financing solutions offered by my supplier and the means to finance your project under the best conditions.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Professional parasols , deckchairs, sunbathing, mattress , made-to-measure cushions … it's up to you to determine the necessary equipment for comfort of your customers.

Do I need just a few products or a complete layout?

For example, you can opt for a complete pool layout with parasols + sunbeds + mattresses + coffee tables.

What style and design do I want for this arrangement?

A rather modern arrangement with aluminum beds or an exotic style with wooden canopy beds, anything is possible depending on your identity!

To help you in this step of exterior redevelopment, call an expert so that he can advise you on the products to choose, layout, quantity ...

The Mousses Etoiles team supports you
according to your needs and your planning needs

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3. Plan the stages of the outdoor development project

As the timing of your project is important, it is also essential to plan in stages the organization of your interior design project so that your establishment is ready for the start of your season.

  • Set a date for making a decision
    He can It may be useful to impose a decision-making date on your project
  • Choose a reliable supplier and products suited to your needs
    Finding a recognized professional manufacturer is essential for a successful layout
  • Take production and delivery time into account
    Allow time for your exterior layout design to determine when the installation will be done

By organizing your exterior redevelopment project in successive stages during the season winter, you gain in efficiency so that your establishment is revamped in the rules of the art.

Ask your manufacturer if they is possible to order your equipment in winter and you have it delivered at the start of the season.

Contact a sales representative

Avoid the anxiety of delays and be more serene!

Hotel Poolside Layout - Star Foams

4. Choose professional quality equipment

By planning ahead to design your outdoor landscaping project, you have time to choose quality outdoor furniture .

Compare and find products that meet all the technical requirements, practical and aesthetic essential to the layout of your terrace, poolside or beach.

The goal: to buy sustainable & design products!

Make sure you choose equipment that you won't need to change every season due to poor condition or rapid degradation!

By taking the time to find a quality manufacturer, you can also create an outdoor space with a professional, with tailor-made equipment.

You can customize your parasols , sunbathing, cushions and others water-insensitive poolside mattresses just like your establishment for a unique layout.

Something to offer a little more aesthetics and comfort that your customers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Do you want to create an exterior design for your hotel, guest house, restaurant or private beach? Follow the Mousses Etoiles advice to enjoy a successful arrangement from A to Z.

Come and talk about your aménagement terrace , from edge swimming pool or de private beach with our team. Our made In France manufacturing workshop located in Barbentane (13) takes care of carrying out complete projects for establishments in metropolitan France, Corsica, the French overseas departments and territories but also in Dubai, Miami and other European countries. / em>

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