How to choose a suitable sunbathing model?

Choosing your sunbathing model can be a real headache!

You are looking for sunbathing for your hotel , your private beach or your guest house but do not know really which model to choose? It is difficult to find comfort and quality sunbathing among all the offers made on the internet and elsewhere.

To make the difference between the options available to you according to your needs and your budget, Mousses Etoiles gives you the keys to make the right choice.

A single sunbathing , double, teak, aluminum, resin, with a mattress or a canvas tense… Here are some tips!

It is obvious that your sunbathing will have to be adapted to the place.

Are you setting up a swimming pool with around ten sunbeds?

If you need to set up a swimming pool edge in a hotel or in a guest house, you need to find a lot of quality sunbeds to create a cozy and design space.

In this case, we prefer the aluminum model: refined and classifies this material offers absolute resistance over time even at the edge of a wetland.

Since you only need 10 beds, you can choose a fairly massive and wide structure as well as a thick mattress for optimal comfort of your customers.

If the place is larger and the number of sunbathings desired is much higher, we can also keep an aluminum model but whose the structure will be worked with smaller sections to be less imposing and save space.

We can then prefer stretched canvas rather than mattresses to avoid handling them if there are many!

For the smaller budgets we recommend resin sunbaths with embellishments then personalized mattresses to improve the visual rendering but also the comfort.

Are you developing a private beach? There are many options available to you!

You own a private beach: your requirements and those of your customers are very high.

To develop your beach and attract customers looking for idleness , you must offer comfortable and resistant equipment to this outdoor environment close to salt water.

Different solutions exist in terms of sunbathing to fit your budget , your search for quality or the number of beds needed to your layout.

1. The resin sun lounger

Many major brands offer resin sunbeds with standard dimensions.

You can choose a model with stretched canvas or a model to which you will have to add a mattress. It is the most economical solution and at the same time the most practical in terms of handling since these deckchairs stack easily and in large numbers and are quite light.

The downside is the aesthetic side and the lack of customization.

Indeed, many beaches are equipped with this type of deckchair and are very similar.

The Mousses Etoiles advice:
You can still differentiate your private beach by adding custom mattresses with your logo.

2. The wooden sun lounger

Here is an economical solution to create an original beach and very different from that of the competitors.

Available in a single or two-seater model with sheers and curtains, these beds will make your beach chic and trendy!

Depending on the type of wood chosen there will be no special maintenance .

It will be enough to complete it with a mattress and why not some decorative pillows !

3. Aluminum sun lounger

Like poolside, aluminum beds are also suitable for private beaches!

It gives a more modern and sophisticated effect to your establishment, and you benefit from a much wider choice for the colors .

Also available in a two-seater version, it adapts to your wishes: do not hesitate to request an adaptation from your manufacturer like the addition of a parasol integrated in the structure.

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Teak sun lounger - Star Moss

4. The teak sun lounger

A high-end and exotic look!

It's a way to create a unique private beach where you can imagine yourself on an island heavenly…

You just have to offer your customers a little more comfort thanks to a Mousses Etoiles mattress tailor-made for your teak bed model.

They will be totally disoriented and won over by this decor.

This is a more expensive solution but can be interesting depending on the theme and the image of your establishment!

You have a luxury private beach: the teak beds meet all requirements, even the most important.

The decision is now in your hands! It's up to you to choose the sun loungers that best suit your professional needs. Do not risk ordering low quality outdoor beds that you will have to change in 1 or 2 years!

With Mousses Etoiles sun loungers made in France, take advantage of the 5-year guarantee for your private beach.

The choice of sunbathing results mainly from a question of taste and correspondence just like your establishment so make your choice and don't hesitate to contact our sales representatives for any questions.

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